Overview: Super Kirby Clash (Switch)


So on the recent Nintendo Direct, a free to play Kirby game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. This game is Super Kirby Clash, and it closely resembles Team Kirby Clash Deluxe on the 3DS. Since it might take a while to complete this game due to the nature of free to play games, I will be giving my readers a quick glimpse at this game and its features in this article. If you want to see a full review of this game after I finish it, let me know in the comments below! With enough demand, I will cover the game fully for you.

A sample battle in Super Kirby Clash.

So, first things first, what type of game is this? Most of this game has 2D battles against bosses and sub bosses you might see in a Kirby game. You do get to team up with three other players, or the computer to help you out. One of the major differences from most Kirby games is that this game has RPG elements, such as gaining levels and buying equipment.

Additionally, each player fits into one of four roles the game provides you. Each role plays similar to a copy power from previous Kirby games, and most of them are useful in different ways. The role of doctor healmore is the obvious healer, while the beam mage can stop time for the enemy. The hardest to use is the hammer lord, which moves very slowly, but can do the most damage and endure a lot of hits. There is also the sword fighter, which isn’t quite as strong as the hammer lord, but can set up a shield that can protect allies.

This quick mini-game occurs when each team member gets a power tablet. With the right timing, you can deal a massive amount of damage and stun the enemy.

The thing that makes this game free to play is the in game currency called gem apples. These pay for everything, and I mean everything. Equipment requires this currency plus the shards you get from battle. Gem apples pay for a lot of other things too, including:

  • A revive if the party gets wiped out in battle.
  • Extra time if time runs out in battle.
  • Extra vigor (a stat required to initiate a battle, more on that later in the article).
  • The option to call more players to play as computer allies (normally you can do this once every 23 hours).
  • Use an Amiibo for extra gifts (each one can be used once every 23 hours)
  • Buy stickers to use to talk to players in online co-op.
  • Buy support items for a number of effects.
  • Unlock some new battles as they become available.

You can get gem apples for completing battles in certain ways, or by reaching certain milestones, called heroic quests (similar to achievements in other games). You also can harvest them every 12 hours every day. Of note, you can also spend real world money to buy gem apples. Doing so also increases the quantity received when you harvest them every 12 hours. This is one of the main ways the game tries to get you to spend money on it, as spending gem apples too quickly slows down how often you can get these perks.

The game also limits the number of battles you can do at once by using a stat called vigor. Each battle costs a certain amount of vigor in order to play it, and the game separates vigor between solo battles and online co-op battles. At the start of the game, vigor recharges 1 point every 7 minutes. Vigor also fully recharges if you gain a level. At the beginning, this means you can play for quite a while. Later on however, you may only get to play two solo battles, and maybe two online battles in one session, depending on how much vigor each tough battle costs.

The game also caps Kirby’s level based on the number of heroic quests completed, and may require more heroic quests to get stronger in addition to more experience points. Like a lot of free to play games, this game limits your play time and possible fun based on how much you pay, though it is possible to play the whole game without paying (as far as I know).

The core game is fun, and I would like to see a bigger budget game with the RPG elements introduced in this game’s predecessor, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. I just wish there weren’t any free to play limitations, and something that more closely resembles a Kirby platformer in between boss fights. That is something I would gladly pay for, if fully realized.

So that is a quick look at Super Kirby Clash. Would you like to see a full review of this game? What did you think of this game? Do the free to play features bother you? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this article, be sure to click that like button. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email at the bottom of the page! Until next time, have fun gaming!


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