That’s All Games’ 1 Year Anniversary

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact Well, it has been one year since I started blogging. Today, I would like to take a look back at my first year, and to help show how I’ve grown. I will cover the highlights of this first year, and go over what I had done to celebrate. One noteworthy change was that I […]

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Review: Bye-Bye Box Boy (3DS)

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact It is time to review Bye-Bye Box Boy for the Nintendo 3DS, the third game in the Box Boy series of games. Be sure to check out my Review of Box Boy (3DS) and Review: Box Box Boy (3DS) to get a general sense of the game series, as most of the game play is the same between […]

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Design Issues in Games: Sequels

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact Video games have for a long time have had sequels to successful games. If the first game was popular enough, there frequently are sequels to continue the series in order to add more to the story and/or continue the adventures of our favorite video game characters. However, not all games in the same series […]

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