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Let’s Talk About Games

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact Welcome to Talking About Games! This is my personal blog. It will feature my favorite topics, mostly video games and entertainment. My friends call me Fitty, and so can you! I had studied game design in college, and want to share the thoughts and  knowledge that my education helped to form. The main topics […]

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Overview: Super Kirby Clash (Switch)

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact So on the recent Nintendo Direct, a free to play Kirby game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. This game is Super Kirby Clash, and it closely resembles Team Kirby Clash Deluxe on the 3DS. Since it might take a while to complete this game due to the nature of free to play games, […]

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Good or Bad: Random Encounters in RPGs

Links-Home–Reviews–Articles–Library–Contact Okay, it isn’t a secret that I like RPGs. I had previously written articles on the many moving parts of this genre of game. (You can read them here: The Anatomy of RPGs, Part 1: Stats, The Anatomy of RPGs, Part 2: Battle, The Anatomy of RPGs, Part 3: Customization, and The Anatomy of RPG’s, […]

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