Preparing for Battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Effort Values:

The next factor to consider when preparing an ideal Pokémon is effort values, or EVs for short. A Pokémon can have up to 510 EVs, but only 252 EVs can go to one stat. You can max out 2 stats with EVs and have 6 points left over to increase a stat by 1 point. It takes 4 EVs in one stat to increase a stat by 1 point at level 100. This translates to around 8 EVs in one stat to increase a stat by 1 point at level 50, where most online play takes place. You can distribute EVs more evenly for more stats, but will get less value for each stat.

If looking at the stat screen, press X to view Evs on this screen:

How do you get EVs? First, a Pokémon gets them from gaining experience points from defeating or catching other Pokémon. If using this method, you have to defeat certain Pokémon to get the EVs you desire. It actually is better to max out EVs before gaining experience points from knocking out other Pokémon, so you have more control over the EVs you get. These items will increase EVs more quickly:

  • HP up – increases HP EVs by 10
  • Protein – increases Attack EVs by 10
  • Iron – increases Defense EVs by 10
  • Calcium – increases Special Attack EVs by 10
  • Zinc – increases Special Defense EVs by 10
  • Carbos – increases Speed EVs by 10

These items can be bought with 10,000 Pokedollars, or 2BP in certain shops.

Beginners should consider maxing out the two most important stats when trying out this system at first. If you desire a more complex distribution, you will need to know the exact values you want. You will still need to feed these items to the Pokémon, but you will give just under the desired amount, and then top off that stat with these recommended wild encounters:

  • For HP, fight wild Skwovet on route 1
  • For Attack, fight wild Chewtle on route 2 lakeside
  • For Defense, fight wild Rolycoly in Galar mine
  • For Special Attack, fight wild Gastly at Watchtower ruins (in the wild area)
  • For Special Defense, fight wild Gossifleur on route 3
  • For Speed, fight wild Rookidee on route 1

Each of these should get you 1 EV in the corresponding stat.

If you wish to reset any EVs, use these berries:

  • Pomeg berry – reduces HP EVs by 10
  • Kelpsy berry – reduces Attack EVs by 10
  • Qualot berry – reduces Defense EVs by 10
  • Hondew berry – reduces Special Attack EVs by 10
  • Grepa berry – reduces Special Defense EVs by 10
  • Tomato berry – reduces Speed EVs by 10

Go to Page 3 for natures, abilities, and moves.

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