Game Story Case Studies, Episode 19: Puyo Puyo Tetris (Part 19)


It is time for more Puyo Puyo Tetris story analysis. We are at the beginning of yet another act, and are continuing where the previous scene ended. In the future, some less relevant scenes may be skipped, but for now, every scene will be shown, including the next scene. This scene is quite a bit longer, and part of it is filled with bad puns. You have been warned, so let’s get started.

Act 5, Scene 1:

Recap: So the SS Tetra is now completely repaired, and the main characters know that they need the Tetra to find the real culprit who’s causing all the mayhem. We are now treated to this scene:


This scene starts out pretty basic enough, but then things get a little sidetracked…

How is that ironic?!


Okay, this is the first sign that something is wrong with this scene. Why are they talking about goodbyes at this point? Read on to find out just how off base this scene gets…


You call all this madness fun? The cast still continues with the goodbyes from here, enough so that you would think this was the ending scene…


Wait, these characters didn’t interact on screen, so this part of the scene seems abrupt with them getting attached to each other off screen. Now for something annoying…


Well, we’ve all heard some variation of this song in preschool. It now becomes clear that this Maguro character is a “flirty” character as well. I really don’t think this scene needs this part. Let’s move on.


Okay, we are about to see how far this scene has gotten off track in a few more lines. They were just told in the last scene what they need to do, so why did they forget so quickly?


Note: another line from O was removed, it was just the usual gibberish anyway.


I find it weird that Arle and Amitie are the voices of reason here. Throughout most of this game’s story, it was Ringo who was pointing out the obvious. Now, for whatever reason, other characters are fulfilling Ringo’s role. I still don’t know why they lost focus in this scene, and it makes this scene much longer than it needs to be.


Okay, now Maguro is pointing out the obvious? I would say what on earth is going on here, but it just gets weirder from here…


Well, it looks like Ringo thinks she knows who the culprit is. It would be nice for her to say who she thinks it is right now, but that actually comes later in this scene.

“Sideshow” is a really good description for this story.
I mean, Ess is a member of the crew… 


This looks like a good time to end the scene, but it keeps going, as the gameplay section hasn’t come up yet. Talk about a lengthy scene for a video game…

Great turn of the phrase here Ringo…


Aren’t they looking right at him?


Yeah, thanks Ringo for pointing out what seems obvious to the reader. The limitations of this game’s cutscenes make this scene more awkward. It might have been better to keep Ecolo hidden till around the time they spot him…

Not that I recall. Did I miss something here?


See, they can make him not show up on screen. Why didn’t they use that tool to make this scene less awkward. Speaking of awkward, check out what happens next…


What is going on anyway? It appears that this new character likes to dance and make bad fish puns. (Author’s note: I am a sucker for bad puns, so excuse me if I make a few as I show off this scene.)

That shouldn’t be possible…


Finally, this scene gets to the gameplay section. That was over 70 lines of dialogue, by the way, which is way too much talking.

After that is done, here’s the rest of the scene.


Oh, man, these puns are funnier than the rest of the story. Where did this good writing come from?


Good question, Ringo. Also, why did they need to encounter Suketoudara here anyway? As funny as he is, he adds nothing else here to the story.

I love these puns, this one is actually pretty clever.


Great explanation, here. This story is full of these half explained situations. I wish they put more thought into it…


So the highlight of this scene was this weird talking fishman called Suketoudara. While the fish puns are the funniest things in the entire game’s story, you know something is wrong with your humor if the bad puns are the best jokes you have to offer (especially since there is almost no context to this guy’s existence in this scene). Again, this scene ends right here in abrupt fashion. The next scene will feature this character again, but is irrelevant to the story. Since it is relatively funny, I will include it in the next episode of this series. Stay tuned!

So that was a long scene in my Game Story Case study series. What did you think of this scene? Did you like the fish puns? Did I miss any good or bad qualities that are worth pointing out? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this analysis, then click that like button, and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games you can also subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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