Overview: Super Mario Bros. 35


Recently, Nintendo has released Super Mario Bros. 35, a free game for Nintendo Switch Online members as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary. If you don’t already know about this game, then this overview will cover most of the current features in this game. I will even go over a few tips, as the game lacks any tutorial. Let’s take a look.

First off, you might be wondering what type of game Super Mario Bros. 35 is. It is a battle royale type game, with 35 players in any given match. All of them are playing Super Mario Bros. at the same time, and the player that lasts the longest wins. However, there are a few twists to this game that make it a little more complex than that.

The first thing to note is that the timer is much shorter at the start of the game. You can extend the timer by knocking out enemies, getting a powerup you don’t need, or finishing a single level. The timer has a limit of 400 seconds, but starts much lower. In addition, defeating an enemy sends it to another player, which for those who played a lot of Super Mario Bros. will mess with their muscle memory, and is the main challenge to playing this game.

Another thing to note about the timer is that it can speed up if you stay still for enough time, forcing players to play through each level as much as possible. It also speeds up if the match runs for a long time so do your best to extend the timer!

The game also gives you a few options on who to send enemies to. You can target one random opponent, the player with the least amount of time, the player with the most coins, or everyone who is targeting you. When you target attackers, you get to send one enemy to all opponents targeting you. This means you are sending the same enemy to multiple players at once, so getting targeted by others can be a good thing. You can also target the player of choice by using the touch screen, or the left control stick.

If you were wondering which levels you play on, well, you gain more levels by beating all available levels at least once. Alternately, if you happen to play on a level another player had chosen before matchmaking, you get to choose that level after that match. Every player votes on the level they want to play on before the match begins, and those levels can be played on in the match, as long as at least one player chose it. Those who played the game longer will have more to choose from, and could add the later levels to the match.

Incidentally, there is a new use for coins mid-match. You can spend 20 coins to randomly get a power-up, and it can save you in a pinch. It is a good idea to gather as many as you can while playing. It also appears that you level up based on the number of coins you gain from a match. Leveling up only seems to get you new player icons, and is at most a measure of how long you play. The coins gathered from matches can also be used before a match to get a free power-up at the start of the match. I found that I gained more coins in every match than I spent on a power-up, so I start every game with a fire flower, making my runs all the easier.

Currently, there are only two gameplay modes: 35 match, which is the standard way to play, and special battle, where the game chooses from presorted levels or conditions, such as starting with a certain number of coins, or with a particular power-up.

There are also menus for seeing your gameplay stats, such as enemies defeated, or your placement in the last few matches. You are even ranked based on the number of coins earned in all matches between a certain number of days, although you have to win a match to see this.

Overall, Super Mario Bros. 35 is a fun and familiar game. It is unclear if they will update this game with new features, but that will add some life to the game if they do. Unfortunately, the game will go offline by the end of March 2021 for some reason, so try it out and play it as much as you like before then. Perhaps they don’t want it to be free, but I am surprised the developers didn’t consider some optional new features to pay for to add to the game instead of removing the game after half a year. Enjoy it while you can!

That wraps up this overview of Super Mario Bros. 35. What do you make of this game? How many wins have you gained so far? Was there a feature that I missed that I should cover? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article, then click that like button and share on social media. You can keep up with That’s All Games by subscribing through email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!

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