Game Story Case Studies, Episode 28: Puyo Puyo Tetris (Part 28)


It is time to go over yet another scene in Puyo Puyo Tetris’s story mode. There are some noteworthy spoilers in this scene and the next few that will be covered in the following articles. I am almost done, and anticipate three more articles for this game. If you have been following along, then read on!

Act 7, Scene 4:

Recap: Ringo, Tee, and friends are at the edge of the universe, and are learning of the plight of Ex, the keeper of dimensions. They are about to learn even more about his failure to keep the two worlds apart as this scene begins:


So it looks like Ex’s loneliness was interfering with his job. This really is sad, and clashes with the tone of the rest of the game (which was more wacky and nonsensical). Other than some flavor text about the edge of the universe, this portion doesn’t add much else to this story. Let’s move on:


Hmmm…Ex is probably explaining the situation, and wants their help to fix the problem. Tee is being a little reserved here. It turns out he has an idea that he doesn’t want to share yet. Don’t worry, he will reveal it soon enough, the game is almost over, after all!


Tee is being quite evasive here. While the attack of the Puyo’s and Tetriminoes is conveniently timed for Tee to not answer Ringo’s question, Ringo’s reaction here implies that the following gameplay section was caused by Tee to avoid the question, though this is just a coincidence. I think this was simply a case of comedic effect that interferes partially with the storytelling. 

After winning the match, we have the rest of the scene:


Well, it looks like Tee has something planned here, possibly something that will upset his friends. The scene ends here, and for once, it doesn’t seem that abrupt. It doesn’t keep you hanging in a bad way. It is somewhat neat to see that the story is shaping up better than it had been, but it might be due to the more serious turn of events. This game’s story is still a little shaky overall, but that is due to most of it not making sense.

There are only four more scenes to go, and the last two will most likely be in a single article. Stay tuned to see how it ends!

And that wraps up this scene analysis from Puyo Puyo Tetris. What did you like or dislike about this scene? Was there a detail that I missed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this analysis, then click that like button and share this article on social media! To keep up with That’s All Games, you can also subscribe via email or WordPress. Until Next time, have fun gaming!  


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