Let’s Talk About Games


Welcome to Talking About Games!

This is my personal blog. It will feature my favorite topics, mostly video games and entertainment. My friends call me Fitty, and so can you! I had studied game design in college, and want to share the thoughts and  knowledge that my education helped to form.

The main topics on this site involves games, not just video games, but also board games. Of note, I am most familiar with nintendo’s games, so I can’t promise to cover everything else, but if I have access to it, I can cover it. Other topics include other forms of entertainment, such as movies, TV, books, and comic books.

These topics may be reviewed, analysed, or just be something that I want to discuss about them. When I say analysed, I mean breaking it down in great detail, and often I will tell you if I think it works well or not. When I do this with games, I will usually refer to the game’s mechanics.

I like stories in general, so I may cover a game’s story as well. This love of stories is why my blog may cover other media. Don’t worry, I’ll warn you of spoilers at the top of an article, if that is something that may bother you.

Lastly, if you want to join the discussion, most of my articles will allow comments (this one does not, as I’m just welcoming you). I will do my best to address them, especially if something in particular is repeated by many of my readers. And yes, I can take requests. I might not have access to everything but when I get the chance to cover it, I’ll let you know.

This is Fitty signing out. Until next time, happy gaming!TAGCircle