A Breakdown of My Reviews


Okay folks, since this is a site about reviewing games and entertainment, I’m going to give you an overview of how I score and summarize my reviews. I have the greatest interest to be as objective as possible in my reviews. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any opinions here, but that I’ll try to let you know what might or might not work for any game’s target audience. If I think there is a personal bias on my behalf in the article, I will try to alert you, the reader, as to which parts are more opinion than fact.

Additionally, I want to let you know that I will be covering old and new products alike. This includes games, board games, movies, comic books, and books. Here’s how I score:

Everything I score is given a number from 0-10/10: 0/10 is the lowest score, 10/10 is the highest. Here’s a more thorough breakdown:

0/10: Unplayable, unreadable or unwatchable:

If it is a video game, it crashes and none of the intended design shines through. In other words it doesn’t work. Keep in mind, an update review may be done if a working copy can be found in the chance of a defective copy, or a version that becomes functional via updates.

For books, it would mean complete nonsense in all languages. I sincerely hope nothing get’s published like this. For comic books, dialogue is nonsense, and visuals do not cue the reader in what is happening.

For Movies, this would essentially be for a defective copy. Like video games, an update review will be posted when a functional copy is found.

For board games, it would mean that the instructions are so inadequate, that I have no idea how to play. Again, update reviews will be posted if it is discovered how to play.

A score of 0 should be exceptionally rare.

1/10-4/10: terrible to below average:

Games, books, and movies in this range are more bad than good. The number is just a matter of just how bad it is. Anything above 1 will have it’s few good parts listed, followed by its many more negative aspects. Products between 4 and 5 might have a special audience, and I will try to acknowledge if something might work better for someone else. If this site gets another editor who reviews the same product in another light, a link will be provided to that review.

5/10: Average:

The game, book, or movie that is reviewed has about the same number of good and bad qualities. Any score lower is more bad than good. Any score higher is more good than bad. There’s a chance this product may be meant for a specific audience, and I’ll identify what kind of audience may find it more or less enjoyable than I. A summary of pros and cons will be mentioned near the score.

6/10-9/10 Above average to excellent:

Anything in this range is more good than bad. The number is a matter of how good it is. Everything here will have more pros than cons, or more important pros and less important cons. A score between 5 and 6 could have it’s detractors and an alternative review may be posted by a different editor when available. Anything greater than 7 and just below 10 is likely worth playing for most players. I’m not perfect, so some biases may shine through, I will acknowledge when I find a feature that I am unsure of, or that someone may feel differently about.

10/10: Perfect or near perfect

The game, book, or movie is exceptional in every, or almost every way. This score is also very rare and is reserved for the best games, books, or movies of a genre. Many of the high notes will be listed, and minor flaws might be mentioned with explanation as to why it doesn’t hurt the score. While most won’t get this score, possible personal biases may cause this score to occur, or prevent this score from occurring on products that are nearly perfect.

So, as you can see, I use the full scale, and that I will point out how something gets that score. The main body of the review will describe what works, what doesn’t, and what might not work, and why. Much of the review will cover game features that will help the reader decide if they wish to purchase the product. Spoilers will be at minimum, but will be pointed out before mentioned. The end of a spoiler will also highlight when to resume reading. The final score will be included with pros and cons at the end.

With that said, I hope that my insights will help consumers understand what is worth purchasing. I also hope that some retro games or older products will be sought out and enjoyed by those who never enjoyed them the first time around.