Preview: Box Boy + Box Girl Demo (Switch)


It has almost been a year since I started blogging, and in honor of that, I have been reviewing games based on my earliest reviews. As a result, I have been covering a lot of Box Boy and Kirby games. To continue with this trend, I will give a quick look at the demo of the upcoming game Box Boy + Box Girl, to be released on April 26th, 2019.

Box Boy + Box Girl features both a one player and a two player mode.

When I first heard about this game, I was concerned that the game required two player co-op, due to the footage shown for the game’s advertising. Upon starting the demo up, it has become clear that you can choose between a single player campaign, and a two player campaign. I am relieved that you can still enjoy Box Boy’s first game on the Switch alone and would like to see what two player mode adds to the mix as well. (Of note, I do not have anyone to try two player with for this preview, so that content will not be covered in this article.)

Right off the bat, Box Boy + Box Girl seems to be a typical Box Boy game, with the usual 2D platforming and box generating to solve puzzles still present. Thankfully, this demo shows off some new content, and features the first full world of the game, complete with 8 levels to play. There are a few new obstacles to contend with in the demo, including dirt you can tunnel through, a hazard that you can place boxes on, but can’t touch, and red and blue switches that pull boxes to them as if they were magnetic.

The main way to progress in this game is to create boxes that can be used in a variety of ways.

Additionally, there is a new scoring and currency system. If you gather the crowns in the stage, you get one form of currency, and if you use less than a certain number of boxes, you will get medals, both can be used in the full version’s shop when the game releases. The game has three different thresholds of how many boxes you can use to complete the level. If you use the same number as the lowest number of boxes required or fewer, you will get all the medals you can get. If you exceed that, you will get fewer medals, depending on the number of boxes used. Use way too many, and you get none. This looks like a neat way to try to optimize your play, and hopefully this challenge doesn’t get too tough in the full game.

Box Boy + Box Girl features two objectives that you are rewarded for completing.

I also noticed that if you replay the levels without restarting the demo, you can earn more currency and medals for playing again, even if you mastered that level already. It is unclear at this time if you can do this in the full game, or if you get these rewards only once for accomplishing these tasks. The demo ends with a teaser of more new obstacles to navigate (including springs, for example). I look forward to seeing the full game soon, and hope this odd puzzle game gets some attention from fans new and old alike.

And that was a quick look at the Box Boy + Box Girl Demo. Are you looking forward to this game? Will you have a friend to play with? Do you like this series of games? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this content, you can click that like button on the bottom of this page! You can also subscribe via email to keep up with my work. And until next time, happy gaming.


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