The Pokemon Stater Challenge: Blue Version Results


Below you can find the results of the Pokemon Starter Challenge in Blue version. I will give you the in game time recorded for each milestone, as well as detail the total number of losses per run. If you are looking for the rules of the challenge, see The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro.

Pokemon: Venusaur: Charizard: Blastoise:
Brock: Time: 0:48 Time: 0:39 Time: 0:28
  • Rival 1
  • Rival 2
  • Jr. Trainer
  • 1st bug catcher,
  • lv.4 Pidgey,
  • Brock (3 losses)
  • 1st Bug catcher
Misty: Time: 1:34 Time: 1:36 Time: 1:17
Losses: None Misty (3 losses) 1st Lass
Lt.Surge: Time: 3:02 Time: 2:29 Time: 2:10
Losses: None None None
Erika: Time: 4:22 Time: 3:02 Time: 3:10
Losses: None None None
Koga: Time: 4:56 Time: 3:55 Time: 3:39
Losses: None None None
Sabrina: Time: 6:01 Time: 4:53 Time: 4:36
Losses: None None None
Blaine: Time: 6:21 Time: 5:09 Time: 4:52
Losses: None None None
Giovanni: Time: 6:32 Time: 5:19 Time: 5:02
Losses: None None None
Elite 4: Time: 7:09 Time: 5:52 Time: 5:35
Losses: Champion None Champion
Total: Time: 7:09

Level: 69

Losses: 6

Time: 5:52

Level: 67

Losses: 8

Time: 5:35

Level: 67

Losses: 3

So there are a few takeaways and oddities here:

  • The Venusaur run had the most time, but the second fewest losses.
  • The Vanusaur run also had the highest level, for some reason. I don’t recall too many additional battles.
  • The Blastoise run had the best time and fewest losses.
  • The Charizard run had the most losses.
  • The Venusaur run lost a lot of time between Misty and Lt. Surge. I vaguely remember taking a phone call at the time and not putting the game in sleep mode, as well as catching enough Pokemon to get the Flash HM around that time, which wasted some time.
  • I also got careless in the early game with in all three runs.
  • The game got a lot easier after Misty in all three runs.
  • Average run time: 6:12
  • I most likely was going through the game more quickly each time, due to being more familiar with the game. This trend may continue.
  • I also was adjusting what the rules were partway through the first run. I decided not to defeat the optional second rival fight after losing to him on the first run, for example.

This has been a fun experiment. The next journey will be in silver version. After that is complete, this article will be updated with a link to that game’s results, as well as each subsequent games’ results. Stay tuned!

For Silver Version results: The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Silver Version Results

And that was my results for the Pokemon Starter Challenge in blue version. Did you notice any other oddities in this chart? What kind of times did you get in this challenge, if you attempted this without glitches? What other rules did you try to make these games more challenging? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this report, click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you may also subscribe via email or Through WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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