The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Silver Version Results


Below you can find the results of the Pokemon Starter Challenge in Silver version. I will give you the in game time recorded for each milestone, as well as detail the total number of losses per run. Additionally, there are stats for both the Johto and Kanto portions of these attempts. If you are looking for the rules of the challenge, see The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro. The previous game’s results can be seen here: The Pokemon Stater Challenge: Blue Version Results.


Pokemon: Meganium: Typhlosion: Feraligatr:
Falkner: Time: 0:56 Time: 0:36 Time: 0:40
  • Bird Keeper Abe
None None
Bugsy: Time: 2:04 Time: 1:08 Time: 1:14
Losses: Bugsy (3 losses) None None
Whitney: Time: 2:28 Time: 1:40 Time: 1:47
Losses: None Rival Whitney (2 losses)
Morty: Time: 3:08 Time: 2:10 Time: 2:10
Losses: Morty Morty None
Chuck: Time: 3:31 Time: 2:43 Time: 2:35
Losses: None Chuck (2 losses) Chuck (3 losses)
Jasmine: Time: 3:39 Time: 2:49 Time: 2:40
Losses: None None None
Pryce: Time: 4:24 Time: 3:28 Time: 3:17
Losses: None None None
Claire: Time: 6:00 Time: 5:07 Time: 4:17
Losses: 1st Rocket executive (Raido Tower, 3 losses) Claire (4 losses) None
Elite 4: Time: 8:04 Time: 6:24 Time: 5:06
  • Will
  • Karen (5 losses)
  • Koga
  • Lance
  • Lance (4 losses)
  • Bruno
Total: Time: 8:04

Level: 67

Losses: 16

Time: 6:24

Level: 65

Losses: 13

Time: 5:06

Level: 58

Losses: 5


Pokemon: Meganium: Typhlosion: Feraligatr:
Lt. Surge: Time: 8:25 Time: 6:45 Time: 5:26
Losses: None None None
Sabrina: Time: 8:33 Time: 6:52 Time: 5:34
Losses: None None None
Erika: Time: 8:41 Time: 7:01 Time: 5:41
Losses: None None None
Janine: Time: 8:51 Time: 7:10 Time: 5:50
Losses: None None None
Misty: Time: 9:20 Time: 7:36 Time: 6:17
Losses: None None None
Brock: Time: 9:30 Time: 7:45 Time: 6:25
Losses: None None None
Blaine: Time: 9:30 Time: 7:54 Time: 6:32
Losses: None None None
Blue: Time: 9:48 Time: 7:59 Time: 6:38
Losses: None None None
Red: Time: 10:56 Time: 8:10 Time: 8:11
Losses: Red (5 losses) None Red (9 losses)
Total: Time: 10:56

Level: 81

Kanto Losses: 5

Total Losses: 21

Time: 8:10

Level: 75

Kanto Losses: 0

Total Losses: 13

Time: 8:11

Level: 78

Kanto Losses: 9

Total Losses: 14

So there are a few takeaways and oddities here:

  • Overall, the Meganium run was both the hardest and longest.
  • The Kanto portion of the game is generally easier and shorter while playing this game this way.
  • That being said, Red was a problem most of the time, due to a jump in levels for his Pokemon in comparison to the rest of the game.
  • Oddly, Typhlosion had the easiest time with Red, winning on its first attempt.
  • Typhlosion had the shortest run, with the fewest losses.
  • Feraligatr almost out did Typhlosion, with its total run being only one minute slower, and with one more loss when comparing the two.
  • Feraligatr actually got to Red at a much lower level, and at a much earlier time, but lost time and gained losses through leveling up to be able to defeat Red. I was leveling up only once between attempts when facing Red. I suspect that if I approached the Feraligatr run differently, it might have better results than Typlosion.
  • Feraligatr had the easiest time in the Johto portion of the game, with the fewest losses and best time here. It was the only one that didn’t lose to the Elite Four.
  • Oddly, Feraligatr was the only one to have trouble with Whitney. I might have gotten a little lucky with the other two Pokemon here.
  • Meganium lost a fair amount of time early on, when it was struggling to defeat Bugsy.

This experiment has been fun. As I expected, the games got a little harder and longer here. Next up is Leaf Green Version, where I expect the numbers will more closely resemble Blue Version. After that, I suspect the rest of the games will get harder. Stay tuned for more results on this project as I find out which Pokemon game is the toughest for this challenge.

For the next batch of results, see: The Pokemon Starter Challenge: LeafGreen Version Results

So that was the results for Silver version’s stater challenge. Have you attempted this challenge? What kind of results did you get? What parts of this game did you find easiest or hardest? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article, then click that like button and share it of social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!



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