Retro Review: Megaman Zero Collection (DS)

Mega Man Zero 2:

This game starts with Zero wandering a desert after defeating Neo Arcadia, looking for the resistance and a reason to fight his adversaries. When he does find the resistance, it is now under the leadership of a reploid know as Elpizo. This time, this missions are displayed with the bosses image, helping the player decide who to fight first.

Artwork that summarizes the plot of Mega Man Zero 2

One new feature includes a new system of forms. These give Zero some stat bonuses and new effects, and are acquired based on how the player fights in a mission. Similarly, Fighting a boss with an A or S rank will make the fight tougher, and reward the player with an EX: Skill. These are techniques that enhance some of Zero’s weapons, and may feature an element. The ranking system is a little bit more unfair, as there are now mission objectives that you may miss along the way. Incidentally, there are a few cyber-elves that can change your grade to A instantly for the mission, allowing some players to find some EX: Skills with minimal trouble.

Speaking of Cyber-elves, it appears that you need to feed them fewer energy crystals than before, and the game seems to give the player more crystals as you progress. Other than that, the cyber-elf system is mostly the same. Additionally, there is a new weapon called the chain rod too. It can be used as a grappling hook to cross some pits and other hazards you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

This game does feature a few leaps of faith like the last game, and a few hazard based cheap deaths to look out for. A number of bosses are harder than the previous game too. Lives have been reworked so that they reset to 2 lives after you lose all of them, which is much-needed. This game is generally more refined than the first, as the game plays smoother than before.

The score for Mega Man Zero 2 is:

8.2/10 A great addition to platformers

Go to page 3 for Mega Man Zero 3

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