Retro Review: Megaman Zero Collection (DS)

Mega Man Zero 3:

So, the third game in this entry starts with Zero and the resistance discovering a powerful reploid known as Omega, who is commanded by a human named Dr. Weil. There is a fair amount of continuity from the past two games here, particularly from the second game. The plot is far more refined, with higher stakes, a mystery, and some connection to modern-day politics. I won’t give too much away, but this game’s story is quite well done.

An early game confrontation in Mega Man Zero 3. The huge robot is Omega who is joined by Dr. Weil and X.

There are a few things missing from the previous game, though. Weapons no longer upgrade with repeated use, and the form system is gone as well. There are now head, body, and foot chips that you can equip for some nice bonuses, with the body chips enabling the elemental attacks from previous games.

Cyber-elves can now be used or fed at any time. Additionally, there are two types of elves: fusion elves that are consumed when used, and those that are equipped as “satellites” who’s bonus applies as long as they are equipped. You can have up to two satellites in use at one time. Having a satellite in use does not activate a penalty in the ranking system. Some elves when fed can be changed from fusion to satellite and back, allowing you to choose which two upgrades you want to use, and when.

There are some levels portions with an optional “cyberspace” section. Here, all your fusion elves are immediately applied, without losing them, and without rank penalties. It should be noted that a rank penalty is applied when entering cyberspace, so entering it should be if you are having trouble with a certain section of the game.

Additionally, there are data disks that are the new collectible. They can have cyber-elves, energy crystals, or info on enemies or characters. You can’t redeem these disks until you complete a level first, however.

In terms of weapons, the chain rod is missing, but is replaced with the recoil rod. This weapon can push things in any direction, and can be aimed downward to push Zero upwards. The shield boomerang is still here, but isn’t likely to be used by most players. EX: Skills are back, with the same hard to achieve requirements.

This game is generally the smoothest to play through. There are next to no cheap deaths, and no leaps of faith unlike the previous two games. Often, if you need to upgrade a Cyber-elf, there are enough energy crystals to do so as long as you try to find all or most of the secrets. There are also more boss fights in this game, some about as hard as the previous games (and like in Zero 2, some from the first game, with adjusted attack patterns). Even with all that in mind, this game gave me the shortest play time, but I found that the time was well spent. There is even a bonus mini-game for completing the game, if you feel like a quick way to spend your time.

The score for Mega Man Zero 3:

8.5/10 An impressive platformer, and the height of this game series

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