Kirby Star Allies’ Final Update


So earlier last year, I covered the Dream Allies in Kirby Star Allies. If you missed that article, you can find it here: Dream Allies in Kirby Star Allies At the time, only the first wave of updates were available, so I only mentioned the first six Dream Allies. Since then, wave two and the final wave three updates became available. Today, I will be covering waves two and three, and will conclude if the game is better for it. There are multiple spoilers for various Kirby games in this article, so if you want to avoid them, you can feel free to read my other articles.

Wave 2:

Wave 2 brought three characters to the game. This update included Adeleine & Ribbon from Kirby 64, Dark Meta Knight from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and Daroach from Kirby Squeak Squad. If you play these characters in Guest Star mode, you will find there are some levels exclusive to the mode. There is also a new celebration picture to complete, if you feel like it. Now let’s take a quick look at these characters.

Adeleine & Ribbon:

The Artist from Dream Land 3 has returned with Ribbon the Fairy from Kirby 64.

These two characters are from Kirby 64, although Adeleine appeared in the earlier game, Kirby’s Dream Land 3. Adeleine fights using a paintbrush, can create food pickups, and can create portraits of enemies that come to life, and can fight for you. The inclusion of Ribbon allows Adeleine to fly and attack with the crystal gun used in the end of Kirby 64.

Dark Meta Knight:

Dark Meta Knight is now playable in Kirby Star Allies.

Dark Meta Knight is from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. In Star Allies, he fights in a similar manner to Meta Knight, but has some attacks reminiscent of the mirror power from other Kirby games.


Daroach from Kirby Squeak Squad was also brought to the game in the wave 2 update.

Daroach was the main villain from Kirby Squeak Squad. In Star Allies, he can use his ice magic and summon members of the Squeak Squad to fight and solve puzzles. He is pretty neat to play with, so give him a shot.

Wave 3:

Wave three is the last update, and could have been missed if you were waiting for Super Smash Bros. to come out. It features quite a bit of new content. The new characters are Magolor from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, Taranza from Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Susie from Kirby Planet Robobot. There is a new celebration picture to complete, and a new mode called Heroes in Another Dimension. Let’s look at the characters first.


Magolor from Return to dream land is here.

Magolor was from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. In Star Allies he has homing projectiles, and can summon his ship to attack enemies from a distance. He feels different from all the other characters, and like most of them, is pretty strong.


Taranza is now available in Kirby Star Allies.

Taranza from Kirby Triple Deluxe is now in the game. His powers have some similarities to the spider power in Star Allies, plus there is one attack that resembles an action the psi copy power has as well. It can be fun to gather enemies in a web, and he can create a web that functions as a trampoline to boot.


Susie from Kirby Planet Robobot is the last character added in the Wave three update.

Susie is from Kirby Planet Robobot, and was a boss battle partway through that game. In Star Allies, she can fight with a ray gun, and call her robotic mech suit for some extra power. She can also be powered up by allies with elemental attacks too. Watch out, she can’t fly while riding the mech suit, so use it wisely.

Now with these characters covered, lets look at the new mode:

Heroes in Another Dimension:

This new mode is fairly challenging in comparison to the rest of the game.

This new mode is mostly a mini-adventure. There are four stages, and collectible hearts, which determine your ranking. As you progress, you get to use all twelve dream allies, and to gather all the hearts, you need to use them in a somewhat tricky manner. Additionally, this mode has six new bosses, most of which are much tougher versions of pre-existing bosses from other parts of this game. This mode is a welcome addition, as Star Allies was initially a very easy game.

Simply completing the mode allows you to try the new Soul Melter EX difficulty in the Ultimate Choice mode. If you gather 100 or more hearts, you gain a new dream ally in the Three Mage Sisters, the villains from this game. I managed to gather all 120 hearts after completing that task, and gained no new reward, so doing so is just for bragging rights.

Soul Melter EX:

By far the hardest challenge in Kirby Star Allies is the Soul Melter EX mode. Good luck if you choose to play it!

This new difficulty in the Ultimate Choice mode features the new bosses from Heroes in Another Dimension, and is rather difficult. Interestingly enough, unlike the next toughest difficulty, Soul Melter EX gives you a full health meter, and some more useful health pickups. You would figure that would make this mode easier, but I have yet to succeed as of this writing. The last few bosses are very difficult, even if you start at full health. Other than more puzzle pieces to collect, I don’t think there is a reward after completing this mode. (If there is, let me know in the comments below, and I will update this article.)

The Three Mage Sisters:

The last unlockable dream ally is actually three characters in one. You can switch between Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne by pressing the attack button and down at the same time. This dream ally is incredibly powerful, and features all of the attacks these characters had in their respective boss fights. These may be the most powerful characters in the game, and will help out a lot in Soul Melter EX mode.

All in all, these updates made Kirby Star Allies a better game. The extra challenges will be appreciated by long time fans, as well as anyone who thrives on higher difficulty settings. The extra activities can make this game more interesting to replay every now and then. If I could change the review score for this game, I would add around 0.1 to 0.3 points to the game’s overall quality, making it around an 8.1 to 8.3 out of 10. I will keep the score the same in my initial review, to preserve what the game was like around launch.

So that is my summary of the final update for Kirby Star Allies. What is your favorite addition to this game since its release? Which is your favorite dream ally? How many tries did it take for you to finish Soul Melter EX, if you completed it? Did you find something I didn’t in this article? Let me know in the comments below!


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