The Pokemon Starter Challenge: LeafGreen Version Results


The results are in for the Pokemon starter challenge for leaf green version. This one took a while, but I persisted and completed the challenge for this game. If you are looking for the rules of the challenge, then read The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro. The previous game’s results can be seen here: The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Silver Version Results.

Here’s the chart:

Pokemon: Venusaur: Charizard: Blastoise:
Brock: Time: 0:35 Time: 0:42 Time: 0:38
  • Rival 1
  • LV. 5 Pidgey (Route 1)

  • Brock (2 losses)
  • Bug catcher Doug
Misty: Time: 1:02 Time: 1:41 Time: 1:18
Losses: Misty Misty (5 losses) None
Lt.Surge: Time: 2:12 Time: 2:17 Time: 2:08
Losses: Rival 3 (2 losses) None Rival 4
Erika: Time: 2:58 Time: 2:46 Time: 3:11
Losses: None None None
Koga: Time: 3:49 Time: 3:30 Time: 3:38
Losses: Koga (3 losses) None None
Sabrina: Time: 4:53 Time: 4:22 Time: 4:30
Losses: None None None
Blaine: Time: 5:22 Time: 4:36 Time: 4:44
Losses: Blaine None None
Giovanni: Time: 5:37 Time: 4:49 Time: 4:57
Losses: None None None
Elite 4: Time: 10:18 Time: 9:51 Time: 6:14
  • Lorelei (11 losses)
  • Agatha (7 losses)
  • Lance
  • Champion
  • Rival 7 (2 losses)
  • Lorelei (20 losses)
  • Lance
  • Champion (3 losses)
  • Lorelei (6 losses)
  • Champion
Total: Time: 10:18

Level: 89

Losses: 29

Time: 9:51

Level: 92

Losses: 33

Time: 6:14

Level: 75

Losses: 9

Here are some noteworthy things that happened on this challenge:

  • I was getting faster times in comparison to blue version, for the most part, until the end of the game.
  • Venasaur and Charizard had the most trouble at the end. Both had trouble with Lorelei. Both had spent around half the total play time trying to overcome the final challenge.
  • Blastoise had a much easier time, and the numbers more closely resembled blue version’s results.
  • Some of the struggle came from getting unlucky when facing Lorelei and Agatha.
  • In one battle, Lorelei froze Venasaur twice in a row!
  • I think some of the time saved was using repels and the fact that there is a run button after you defeat Brock.
  • Another factor was my great familiarity with this game and blue version.
  • I was not anticipating such a struggle near the end though. I thought this would happen more in later games. I anticipate that the games will get harder moving forward, especially in games where the starters have limited movepools.

So that concludes the results I had with Leaf Green Version. Next up, Diamond Version!

For the next batch of results, see The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Diamond Version Results

That was my results for the starter challenge in  leaf green version. Did you try this challenge yourself? What kind of results did you get? Which starter was the hardest for you? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this article, then click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or through WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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