The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Diamond Version Results


The results are in for the Pokemon starter challenge for Diamond Version. This one took some time, but I persisted and completed the challenge for this game. If you are looking for the rules of the challenge, then read The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro. The previous game’s results can be seen here: The Pokemon Starter Challenge: LeafGreen Version Results.

Here’s the chart:

Pokemon: Torterra: Infernape: Empoleon:
Roark: Time: 1:09 Time: 1:00 Time: 1:03
Losses: Rival 1 (2 losses) None Roark (2 losses)
Gardenia: Time: 2:29 Time: 1:56 Time: 2:16
Losses: Mars None
  • Bug Catcher Jack + Lass Brianna (2 losses)
  • Gardenia
Maylene: Time: 4:17 Time: 3:27 Time: 3:33
Losses: Rival 2 (2 losses) Ace Trainer Dennis none
Wake: Time: 4:50 Time: 3:52 Time: 4:07
Losses: None None None
Fantina: Time: 5:31 Time: 4:22 Time: 4:36
Losses: None Veteran Brian None
Byron: Time: 5:57 Time: 4:48 Time: 5:00
Losses: None None None
Candice: Time: 7:38 Time: 5:47 Time: 5:56
Losses: Candice (3 losses) None None
Volkner: Time: 9:28 Time: 7:38 Time: 7:29
Losses: None
  • Jupiter + Mars (2 losses)
  • Cyrus (Mt. Coronet)
  • Volkner
  • Cyrus
  • Volkner
Elite 4: Time: 12:06 Time: 12:02 Time: 10:43
  • Aaron (2 losses)
  • Flint
  • Lucian (2 losses)
  • Final Rival
  • Bertha (7 losses)
  • Flint (2 losses)
  • Lucian (2 losses)
  • Champion Cynthia (3 losses)
  • Bertha
  • Flint (6 losses)
  • Lucian (2 losses)
  • Champion Cynthia (3 losses)
Total: Time: 12:06

Level: 75

Losses: 13

Time: 12:02

Level: 81

Losses: 22

Time: 10:43

Level: 79

Losses: 19

Here are some noteworthy things that happened on this challenge:

  • This game was generally longer than the previous games in this challenge.
  • This includes Silver Version, which had two stories to play through.
  • Torterra had the longest play time, but had the easiest elite four challenge at the end. Its level was lowest of the three, and it had the fewest defeats.
  • Infernape was only a little slower than Torterra, beating its time by four minutes. The elite four gave it a lot of trouble, and it had to recover more often as it was gaining levels to try again.
  • Empoleon was the fastest of the three, but was in between the two in level and losses.
  • Empoleon’s losses to Roark and Flint were surprising, despite a type advantage. Flint also won a few times by burning Empoleon with offensive attacks. The move sunny day made this fight difficult until Empoleon started to out speed Rapidash.
  • I also became more familiar with the game on each new playthrough, possibly saving time in Infernape and Empoleon’s runs.
  • It looks like the elite four challenge can make the game more challenging, as recent runs slow down at this point. This varies depending on the starter’s type and game somewhat.
  • I expect to see this more in some future games, especially in games where the starter has fewer moves to choose from.
  • I noticed that there were points where, if you saved, you wouldn’t be able to retreat and level up before certain tough fights, and can only do so if you lose the fight:
    • This includes the rival fight when leaving Hearthome city the first time, if you save after speaking to your mom in the contest dome. You might actually be stuck here with only the rival fight to level up in!
    • As well as if you save after Dialga/Palkia appear on Mt. Coronet, but before fighting the Jupiter and Mars fight. This actually happened in the Infernape run, but I managed to fight through a few attempts without leveling up!

So that concludes the results I had with Diamond Version. Next up, Soul Silver Version!

You can find the next results here: The Pokémon Starter Challenge: Soul Silver Version Results

That was my results for the starter challenge in Diamond Version. Did you try this challenge yourself? What kind of results did you get? Which starter was the hardest for you? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this article, then click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or through WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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