The Pokémon Starter Challenge: Soul Silver Version Results


Well, it took a while, but the results are in for the Pokémon starter challenge for Soul Silver Version. If you were looking for the rules of the challenge, then go to The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro, and if you want the previous game’s results then look at The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Diamond Version Results. This is the hardest challenge yet, to the extent that I am placing a new rule: If I can’t complete the challenge at level 100, then the run counts as a failure! This actually came up in one of the runs, so let’s see what the results look like:


Falkner1:20 1 loss: Falkner0:52 no losses1:10 2 losses Falkner
Bugsy3:51 6 losses: Bugsy1:29 no losses1:47 no losses
Whitney4:23 no losses2:00 no losses2:15 1 loss: Whiney
Morty5:10 no losses3:21 1 loss: Rival
1 loss: Morty
3:03 no losses
Chuck5:48 no losses4:02 2 losses: Chuck
1 loss: Lv. 25 Tentacruel, Rt.41
3:31 no losses
Jasmine6:17 3 losses: Jasmine4:09 no losses3:38 no losses
Pryce7:08 no losses5:09 no losses4:52 1 loss: Red Gyarados
Clair8:55 1 loss: Archer
1 loss: Clair
8:53 7 losses: Clair8:10 6 losses: Clair
Elite Four19:51 4 losses: Will
2 losses: Koga
2 losses: Karen
15 losses: Lance
16:28 1 loss: Kimono girl Kuni
16 losses: Lance
10:37 1 loss: Karen
4 losses: Lance
Total resultsTime: 19:51
Level: 82
Losses: 35
Time: 16:28
Level: 80
Losses: 29
Time: 10:37
Level: 69
Losses: 15


Lt. Surge20:24 no losses17:04 no losses11:12 no losses
Sabrina20:34 no losses17:15 no losses11:21 no losses
Erika20:55 no losses17:35 no losses11:49 1 loss: Erika
Janine21:10 no losses17:50 no losses12:04 no losses
Misty21:42 no losses18:24 no losses12:44 no losses
Brock21:59 no losses18:38 no losses12:57 no losses
Blaine22:15 no losses18:56 no losses13:12 no losses
Blue22:35 no losses19:15 no losses13:46 2 losses: Blue
Red23:06 10 losses: Red19:46 7 losses: Red17:17 19 losses: Red
ResultsTime: 23:06
Level: 100
Johto Losses: 35
Kanto Losses: 10
Total Losses: 45
Status: Failure
Time: 19:46
Level: 95
Johto Losses: 29
Kanto Losses: 7
Total Losses: 36
Status: Success
Level: 100
Johto Losses:15
Kanto Losses: 22
Total Losses:37
Status: Success

Here are some takeaways:

  • Meganium was the only one that failed the challenge: It seemed to be impossible to win even at level 100.
    • That being said, Feraligatr almost lost the challenge: It got really lucky at level 100, so it was really close
  • Feraligatr had the quickest time, but the second most losses. This is due to it completing the Elite Four challenge at a much lower level.
  • Typlosion was the only one to complete the challenge at a level lower than 100, but wasn’t the fastest. It had to level up more to finish the Elite Four challenge, which lost a lot of time.
  • Clair was the hardest gym leader, with her giving all three at least one loss.
  • Red was the hardest fight in the game. Meganium failed the challenge here, and Feraligatr almost failed as well. Typlosion made good use of the move rollout to finish the battle.
  • So far, this was the hardest game.
  • Oddly, Totodile struggled a bit with Falkner, and Bayleaf lost a lot of time against Bugsy
  • Feraligatr had the easiest time in Johto, due to a strong move pool and good all around type advantages.

And that was it for Soul Silver version. Next up, White Version!

Check out the next results here: The Pokémon Starter Challenge: White Version Results

And that was it for The starter challenge in Soul Silver Version. What did you find most interesting in my results? Did you try the challenge yourself? What kind of results did you get? Let me know all this and more in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article, then click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can also subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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