The Pokémon Starter Challenge: White Version Results


Today I will be looking at the results of the Pokémon starter challenge for Pokémon White Version. If you are looking for the rules, then check out The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro. For the previous run, look at The Pokémon Starter Challenge: Soul Silver Version Results. This was a particularly interesting challenge, so let’s see the times and losses that went into these runs.

Chili, Cilan, or CressTime: 1:07
Losses: Cheren (2nd fight) 3 losses
Chili 1 loss
Time: 0:48
Losses: Waitress Tia 1 loss
Cress 1 loss
Time: 1:18
Losses: Cilan 3 losses
LenoraTime: 2:41
Losses: Lenora 3 losses
Time: 1:33
Losses: Cheren 1 loss
N 1 loss
Lenora 1 loss
Time: 1:54
Losses: None
BurghTime: 5:25
Losses: Harlequin Jack 1 loss
Burgh 5 losses
Time: 2:19
Losses: None
Time: 4:05
Losses: Burgh 7 losses
ElesaTime: 6:28
Losses: Cheren
Time: 3:49
Losses: N 1 loss
Elesa: 4 losses
Time: 4:48
Losses: Elesa 2 losses
ClayTime: 7:04
Losses: None
Time: 4:22
Losses: None
Time: 5:19
Losses: None
SkylaTime: 8:08
Losses: None
Time: 5:12
Losses: None
Time: 6:14
Losses: None
BrycenTime: 8:51
Losses: None
Losses: None
Time: 6:37
Losses: None
IrisTime: 10:17
Losses: None
Time: 6:36
Losses: None
Time: 7:39
Losses: None
Elite FourTime: 16:31
Losses: Grimsley 2 losses
Shauntal 7 losses
N 5 losses
Ghetsis 1 loss
Time: 9:28
Losses: Grimsley 1 loss
Shauntal 2 losses
Caitlin 1 loss
Marshal 3 losses
N 2 losses
Time: 9:07
Losses: Grimsley 1 loss
Ghetsis 1 loss
ResultsTime: 16:31
Level: 82
Total Losses: 29
Time: 9:28
Level: 81
Total Losses: 20
Time: 907
Level: 74
Total Losses: 14

Here are a few takeaways from this chart:

  • Serperior had the worst time, with both the longest time taken, and most losses.
  • Samurott had the easiest time, with shortest time and fewest losses.
  • This is despite the time Samurott lost when trying to defeat Burgh. The time was made up with significantly fewer Elite Four attempts in comparison to the other two runs.
  • Samurott’s level was much lower due to this as well.
  • The trend of the grass type having the worst time continues here as well.
  • The early game was the hardest point for all three starters, while the game gets easier around the middle due to access to the Lucky Egg item, which speeds up experience point growth.
  • There were a few elite four challenge was hard for both Serperior and Emboar, but easy for Samurott. The type matchups for all Pokémon involved is to blame here.
  • Of note, the battle against N and Ghetsis in the finale required me to sacrifice an HM slave so that Zekrom didn’t do any fighting in both battles, a quirk of this game.

And that wraps up this game’s challenge. Next, we will go onto X version to see how well I do in Kalos.

Next challenge: The Pokémon Starter Challenge: X Version Results

So these are the results I got in this challenge. Did you attempt a challenge like this one? What kind of results did you get? What was a hard point in this challenge for you? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, then click that like button and share on social media! To keep up with That’s All Games you can subscribe via Email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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