The Pokémon Starter Challenge: X Version Results


It is time for more results from the Pokémon Starter challenge. For the rules of the challenge, read The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro. For the previous set of results, read The Pokémon Starter Challenge: White Version Results. Here, I will post the times and losses for each challenge run. Without further ado, here they are:

ViolaTime: 0:34
Losses: None
Time: 0:36
Losses: Viola
Time: 0:42
Losses: Youngster David
Viola, 2 losses
GrantTime: 2:01
Losses: Grant
Time: 3:12
Losses: Rising Star Didier, 3 losses
Rising Star Manon, 2 losses
Lv. 14 inkay on route 8
Grant, 4 losses
Time: 2:12
Losses: Rising Star Rhys
Rising Star Didier
Grant, 2 losses
KorrinaTime: 3:50
Losses: Korrina (1st fight)
Lv. 20 Hawlucha on route 10
Brains and Brawn Frank and Sly, 2 losses
Ace Trainer Monique
Stunky horde on Route 11
Battle Girl Hedvig
Serena, 2 losses
Time: 4:50
Losses: Serena, 4 losses
Lv. 22 Wobbuffet in Reflection Cave
Losses: Battle Girl Hedvig
Serena, 2 losses
Roller Skater Rolanda
RamosTime: 4:33
Losses: Korrina (Successor battle)
Time: 5:19
Losses: None
Losses: None
ClemontTime: 5:21
Losses: Clemont
Time: 5:56
Losses: None
Time: 4:46
Losses: None
ValerieTime: 5:48
Losses: Serena
Furisude Girl Linnea
Time: 6:20
Losses: None
Time: 5:07
Losses: None
OlympiaTime: 6:57
Losses: Olympia
Time: 7:36
Losses: Serena, 3 losses
Time: 5:56
Losses: Serena
WulfricTime: 9:06
Losses: Lysandre (café lab)
Lysandre (final battle)
Professor Sycamore
Time: 9:33
Losses: Lysandre (café lab)
Lysandre (final battle)
Time: 7:51
Losses: Lysandre (café lab)
Elite FourTime: 11:19
Losses: Ace Trainer Robbie
Veteran Timeo
Drasna, 3 losses
Time: 11:13
Losses: Wikstrom
Note: caught a shiny floatzel!
Time: 9:24
Losses: Wikstrom
ResultsTime: 11:19
Level: 92
Total Losses: 28
Time: 11:13
Level: 90
Total Losses: 23
Time: 9:24
Level: 87
Total Losses: 19

Here are a few takeaways:

  • The Greninja run was the easiest, with the lowest level, fewest losses, and shortest time.
  • The Delphox run was similar to the Chesnaught run, particularly in the time spent.
  • The Delphox run may have lost time due to my using the experience share trying to level up a zigzagoon for its pickup ability. It only got one rare candy, so it may not have been worth it.
  • There were a surprising number of losses overall, with many in the beginning.
  • I found my first shiny in the Delphox run. With the help of a friend, it is now in my Pokémon home account.
  • Chesnaught lost to the final AZ fight. Since the game auto saves right before it, and the game continues even if you lose, this run is still a success. This highlights an oddity of this particular game’s run. A failure in this game is being unable to defeat Diantha at Lv. 100.
  • This game was unusually hard despite the use of O-powers. Some battles became possible with them, but much of the time, they were hard even with them.

And that wraps up this Pokémon Starter challenge. Stay tuned for Alpha Sapphire version next!

For the next set of results, see: The Pokémon Starter Challenge: Alpha Sapphire Results

That is it for today’s challenge. What results did you get, if you tried it yourself? What parts of the game were hard for you? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article, then click that like button and share on social media! To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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