The Pokémon Starter Challenge: Alpha Sapphire Results


Well, it took a while, but more results came in for the Pokémon starter challenge, this time for Alpha Sapphire. If you need the rules for the challenge, then read The Pokemon Starter Challenge: Intro, and for the previous results, see The Pokémon Starter Challenge: X Version Results. Now let’s look at the chart:


Roxanne:Time: 0:57
Losses: None
Time: 1:10
Losses: May
Time: 0:56
Losses: Twins Gina and Mia
BrawleyTime: 1:23
Losses: None
Time: 1:30
Losses: None
Time: 1:18
Losses: None
WattsonTime: 2:47
Losses: May, 5 losses
Time: 2:19
Losses: Aqua Grunt #2,
Time: 2:04
Losses: May, 2 losses
FlanneryTime: 4:06
Losses: Ace Trainer Zane
Time: 3:31
Losses: Archie
Time: 3:14
Losses: Archie, 4 losses
NormanTime: 4:24
Losses: None
Time: 3:46
Losses: None
Time: 3:30
Losses: Ace Trainer Jody,
Norman, 2 losses
WinonaTime: 5:15
Losses: Winona
Time: 4:28
Losses: Brain and Brawn Jael and Kael,
Aqua Grunt (weather institute),
Time: 4:09
Losses: May
Liza and TateTime: 6:26
Losses: None
Time: 5:44
Losses: Liza and Tate
Time: 5:13
Losses: None
WallaceTime: 7:22
Losses: Aqua Grunt,
Aqua Grunt,(Both in sea floor cavern)
Primal Kyogre
Time: 6:33
Losses: None
Time: 5:56
Losses: Primal Kyogre
Elite FourTime: 12:09
Losses: Brains and Brawn Aden and Finn
Sydney, 2 losses
Phoebe, 2 losses
Drake, 4 losses
Steven, 9 losses
Time: 7:41
Losses: May
Time: 7:38
Losses: Phoebe,
Glacia, 3 losses,
Results:Time: 12:09
Level: 77
Total Losses: 29
Time: 7:41
Level: 60
Total Losses: 10
Time: 7:38
Level: 62
Total Losses: 18

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Swampert had the best time, but had the second highest losses. It won by 3 minutes, though.
  • Oddly, this is true despite having to level up more to beat the elite four.
  • The Blaziken run may have lost time at the beginning, due to my leveling up Torchic to evolve before the first gym.
  • Sceptile had the hardest time, with the longest time and most losses. The majority of its losses were at the elite four.
  • The elite four challenge is usually the hardest part of most of these runs. What is unusual here, is that Blaziken completed this portion with no losses!
  • That being said, the last battle with May after the elite four challenge could only be attempted once, as the game saves both before and after that fight. The game also continues regardless of who wins. As such, like the AZ fight at the end of X version, I have deemed it unnecessary to win that fight in order to count the run as a success.
  • Both Blaziken and Swampert lost the May fight, but Sceptile won, due to extra leveling to beat the game.
  • The use of o-powers before major fights made parts of this run easier than it could be.
  • If this were Omega Ruby, then Sceptile might have had a harder time, and the other two might have had an easier time. I do not own that version, so this remains to be seen.

Now that this is over, it is time to transition to the Alola region in Pokémon Sun Version!

These were the results from my attempt at the Starter Challenge in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Have you attempted this challenge? What kind of results did you get? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoy this sort of content, then click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you may subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!

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