Blog Update: Where have I been?


So as some of you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet on That’s All Games. Like earlier in the year (see An Update About That’s All Games in 2021), I’ve been having health problems that have been making it hard to type. The light sensitive headaches came back, along with some personal issues that won’t be mentioned here. Thankfully, I’m recovering, so I can update on what the upcoming plans are for the site. Here’s what I have so far:


First off, I recently acquired Metroid Dread, which will be the next review I will try to write ASAP. Before this game’s release, I had finished replaying Super Metroid in anticipation of Metroid Dread’s release. I wanted to look back just before the new game came out, in order to compare the two games. While there is no draft of the Super Metroid retro review yet, I plan of writing this review around the time I finish Metroid Dread. Depending on timing, either of the two reviews could go up first.

I also finished the game Bug Fables just before the headaches came full force. There is a written draft of this article, so this review might be next in line. In addition, I am partway through the tutorials in Game Builder Garage, which is the bare minimum before I review that game. A lot of this is contingent on how quickly I write each article and finish each game. I also have to feel well enough to write more regularly, so my articles may be written less consistently, at first. With that in mind, Friday will still be the day that articles will go up.


There are two types of other articles in the works currently. The Pokémon Starter Challenge in Sun Version is only one third of the way ready. Since this is a game challenge, this is contingent on beating the game a certain way. As a quick preview, I beat the game with Decidueye, and it took 60 losses to get there. Will the other two challenges be this hard? Even I don’t know yet, as I have to play that portion of the challenge.

The Game Story Case Studies that covers Final Fantasy IX is taking longer than expected. There are over 400 images to upload for the next episode, and I am transferring them in batches. This may be a long article, so don’t expect it too soon. I still intend to complete it, even if it takes way too long.

Videos and Other Content:

Videos and streams will be on hold. They cut into the time spent covering other content, and lead to more screen time as I recover. They also take a while to upload, and aren’t too efficient to create. They were fun, and may return when I have a healthier workflow. The videos I create once I am ready to start them up again will cover a variety of games in my collection, with some critiques as I play. Competitive gameplay will most likely not be a regular part of the YouTube channel, and since I was running into technical issues with streaming, the Twitch channel will be quiet until I am ready, and those issues are resolved.

Finally, there is one more bit of new content that I am working on, but it has nothing to do with video games. I am in the beginning stages of writing a novel. More details will come as the book takes shape, and possibly a way to support it through crowd funding will arrive in the future. A link to that information will come to the site as more parts get finalized, but won’t be the focus of the blog. Since this book doesn’t involve video games, the page where I support it will have the details. This page isn’t made yet as of this writing.

And that wraps up how I’m doing, and why this blog isn’t that active as of late. I appreciate what fans and views I do have. I hope to write more insightful, informative, and fun content soon. Thanks for reading!


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