Review: Tetris Effect Connected (Switch)


Today we have a new version of a classic puzzle game to review: it is Tetris Effect Connected on the Nintendo Switch. This game will take you on an audio visual journey that might lead to sensory overload. As such, the occasional flashing lights can be bad for those with sensory issues. As a warning, before picking up this game, keep that in mind (I myself can be migraine sensitive sometimes, and the visuals were rough on me, but didn’t cause anything serious, I just couldn’t play that long).

With that issue taken care of, let’s focus on the gameplay of Tetris Effect Connected. In the main story mode, called Journey mode, you get to experience the various trippy backgrounds and accompanying music. Primarily, you have to clear a certain number of lines to progress in classic Tetris fashion. The only gameplay difference here is the zone feature, where after clearing enough lines, you can briefly pause the game and try to clear as many lines as possible, but the cleared lines pile up at the bottom of the screen until the effect wears off. This allows you to add more to your score, but doesn’t change too much strategy here.


The game also features experience points as rewards that lead to leveling up. It is unclear what it does, though I think it rewards you with new avatars, and a bonus if you max it out. I suppose it will keep hard core players playing, but seems to offer no other purpose.

The other modes include a variety of effect modes with varying rules, and online where the meat of the game’s appeal might be for some players. Online has both competitive and co-op modes, with the latter being rather interesting. With co-op, you have to play with two other players against a computer that sends various disruptive effects your way, and you’ll occasionally merge all three player screens to take turns clearing each other’s combined play areas. Even better yet, Tetris Effect Connected has crossplay, allowing you to play with those using different consoles.


Other than that, the main thing here with Tetris Effect Connected to keep in mind is that in the end, it’s still Tetris. The visual effects might be rough for some light sensitive people, but could lead to a hypnotic trance where the play session could just melt away. While the game doesn’t add much new here, it is one of the best ways to play Tetris on modern consoles. Whereas Puyo Puyo Tetris combines two different puzzle games, and Tetris 99 allows you to play with a massive number of players, Tetris Effect Connected is a more standard Tetris experience, and is its main draw.


  • Try out the game first, in order to gauge if the audio and visual effects don’t cause sensory issues.
  • Then play any of the modes to your hearts delight. This is Tetris, after all.
  • Try out online, or play with friends, if possible.


  • Same great Tetris experience.
  • Solid online (might vary based on your internet service).
  • A good variety of modes.
  • The audio and visual effects may pull you in (This is good, bad, or neutral based on possible sensory issues, and tastes).


  • The visual and audio effects may overwhelm some players.
  • Not too much new here, in comparison to classic Tetris (possible con, based on how much you like Tetris, and which versions you may have already).


8.7 A great audio and visual tetris experience

Tetris Effect Connected is for players that want to chill to a puzzle game for a while. It is important to note, that those with sensory issues should avoid or limit their time with this game. This game’s range is 8.4 – 9.1

Did you like Tetris Effect Connected? What is your favorite mode? Do you like the audio and visual effects? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this review, then click that like button, and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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