A Temporary Farewell from That’s All Games

Hello everyone. As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t made a post since March. You might be wondering why. Well, as mentioned in earlier posts, I had been getting light sensitive migraines since last year. At the time, I decided to simply slow down my posts, leaving new posts to simply be game reviews whenever they are done. Since then, there have been some issues with my living arrangements (which are fairly personal, and won’t be detailed here), and I also decided to start writing a book about this time last year.

In order to refocus my efforts on this book, to care for my health, and other things that require my attention, there will temporarily be no new posts on That’s All Games. I’m the only one working on the site, and there isn’t much means to get someone to take over for me at this time. The site will remain online for the time being, and all my posts will be available as well. I hope that things will settle down sometime in the future to resume activity on this blog.

In addition, this site might be slightly updated before new posts go up. What will most likely be changed are updates to the Game Library page as I acquire new games. My twitter account will be more focused on promoting the book I’m writing, and the Facebook page will become much less active till I resume making new posts. The only other change that might occur on this site is the posting of a link to a page dedicated to any written works that may write.

When I return, the videos and streams probably won’t come back, at least not at first. News coverage based on games I follow might return, but is dependent on how frequently gaming news comes about. It is unclear how frequently articles that aren’t reviews will go up. Also unclear is how frequently I’ll post when I do return.

Additionally, I’d like to share that the book I’m working on is a novel unrelated to video games. It falls under the urban fantasy genre, and has a good sense of humor. Further details will not be mentioned, as I’ll be seeking some form of publication. Since I am unfamiliar with the process, I do not want to post any details that might change before they are finalized.

Incidentally, I may in the future turn my “Game Story Case Studies” series (the first one can be found here: Game Story Case Studies, Episode 1: Puyo Puyo Tetris (Part 1)) into a series of text books for those looking to become better writers, especially those looking to enter the game industry. With that in mind, when I return to blogging this series will not return (despite my starting the second batch of this series), so that those books can be published.

Now for a brief look back, with links!

Some final notes:

  • The site might eventually be shut down, but that is not guaranteed. A true farewell post will be mode if that happens. Only time and circumstances will tell if that happens.
  • Also, the comments on this post are turned off, in case some of you are upset. If you really need to reach me, there’s always the Contact page.
  • And of course, thank you to those who have been reading. I hope to resume writing this blog sometime in the future, and to polish my writing more by then. Farewell for now!