That’s All Games’s 2018 Year End Review

Looking Forward:

With all that reflection out-of-the-way, it is time to look towards the future of That’s All Games. I hope to collaborate more with The Gamer Collective, as well as other friends with similar interests. I want to go through more of my library of games, and to perhaps get into videos soon. The idea is to do game walk-throughs with my friends, and to add to the games we end up playing. I will do a personal review of anything that ends up being played as part of a video.

In the meantime, I have some things planned for my audience to look forward to:

  • Review: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
  • Article: Kirby Star Allies’ final update
  • Review: Splatoon 2 post update review (Switch)
  • Review: Sonic Mania Plus (Switch)
  • Retro Reviews: Golden Sun series (GBA, DS)
  • Reviews: Games I get post-holidays (It is a surprise!)

The Metroid Prime 3 review and Kirby Star Allies update coverage are already in progress. I may cover Sonic Mania Plus soon. The post holiday games will follow Metroid Prime 3’s coverage. The Splatoon 2 post update coverage’s date will depend on when the last update for the game is released, with that date being unknown. The Golden Sun coverage will follow most of these articles, and I intend to cover these games in order around spring time.

It was an exciting year starting my blog, and I look forward to covering everything I can in the new year. I hope you had as much pleasure reading my content as I had making it, and I hope you found every article to be informative. Here’s to another year of That’s All Games, and many happy gaming sessions!


And that was my review of my year of writing content for That’s All Games. What article was your favorite? What kind of content do you want to see next? Shall I cover more books and comic books? How about board games or movies? As long as my coverage includes some games and entertainment, I will be willing to cover it, so let me know what you would like to see in the comments below!

One thought on “That’s All Games’s 2018 Year End Review

  1. I was disappointed that Captain Phasma turned out to be such a zero in the movies, especially since they got the same actress who plays Brienne in Game of Thrones and she’s great in that. She was just wasted. Didn’t make me motivated to read a book about the character, to be honest.


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