That’s All Games’s 2018 Year End Review


Well, it is hard to believe, but it is the end of 2018 already. This is the end of the first calendar year of my blog, and while it hasn’t been a full year since I started, I would like to look back on what I had done in this first year, and share some articles that might have been missed.

First off, I started writing on April 30th, 2018. I was looking for a way to express myself, my love of gaming, and to do so in a productive way. I figured with my education in Video Game Design, I could talk about games in an intelligent manner. As such, I decided to start reviewing the games in my collection, with the first one being my Review of Box Boy (3DS). I thought I would start with a somewhat obscure but still commercially available game that fewer people might not have heard of. It is at a good price, and is a lot of fun to play for puzzle enthusiasts.

At the time, the site was going under the name of Talk About Games. I had later upgraded the site to Talking About Games in June, thinking that name was less likely to be taken. I had later found out in September that the name Talking About Games was taken too. I had then changed the name of the site to its current name, That’s All Games, and hope I never have to change it again. I am currently happy with the name, and look forward to continue using it moving forward.

Additionally, and friend helped me touch up my crude logo to the current one. He can be found here, if you are curious: JackSquatJB on facebook

Also, here’s the old logo:

It was nice to get this cleaned up.

I also teamed up with a friend from the Gamer Collective to assist me in acquiring new games, and to share space on his Facebook page. His page, as well as most of my articles go up there. The Gamer Collective can be found here: The Gamer Collective on Facebook.

It was also a blast going over my 10 Day Video Game Challenge on Facebook this year. In case you missed them, these articles, which expanded on my selections can be found below:

I also plan on listing the runners-up for this list in my first article of 2019.

Looking back, I also included gaming news articles, such as when Nintendo releases Nintendo Directs, and even trying to keep track of larger Pokemon tournaments. For the most part, this is a review site that focuses mostly on video games. Here, I will take note of the best and worst reviews I gave this year. Please note, that not every product I covered this year was released this year. This isn’t a best of 2018 list, due to the nature of the games and entertainment I have access to.

Go to Page 2 to see my best and worst reviews:


One thought on “That’s All Games’s 2018 Year End Review

  1. I was disappointed that Captain Phasma turned out to be such a zero in the movies, especially since they got the same actress who plays Brienne in Game of Thrones and she’s great in that. She was just wasted. Didn’t make me motivated to read a book about the character, to be honest.


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