Review: Mega Man X Legacy Collection (Switch)

Mega Man X2:


The first thing you might notice about Mega Man X2 is that the game looks a lot like the previous game. In fact, other than some new settings, power-ups, and enemies, Mega Man X2 plays mostly the same as the Mega Man X. I find that for the most part, Mega Man X2 is a smooth experience, although some bosses are easier with their weaknesses, and a handful of upgrades are hidden in very dangerous locations, often requiring a ridiculous jump that leads to losing a life if you fail it.

One of the few new features of this game was a motorcycle that you ride on in this stage only.

Perhaps most noteworthy when comparing this game to its predecessor is the option to fight three tough bosses to acquire the Zero parts. Getting all three changes the difficulty of the last few fights, but the trouble getting them makes the middle of the game somewhat tougher.

Mega Man X2 is still a fun game, but since X already became stronger in the first game, and the fact that this game does less to teach new players how to play, Mega Man X2 is a somewhat weaker game in comparison to Mega Man X, if only due to this game adding fewer new experiences.


  • Like the last game, try to find the easiest boss to take out first, then use its weapon to fight the next boss, and so on.
  • Collect all the power-ups, if you can.
  • Collect the Zero parts if you like to the first time around. If you play this game a second time, skip gathering them to get more of a challenge.
  • You can skip the secret power-up, if you find it too difficult to get.


  • Good, if identical graphics to the predecessor.
  • Slightly better music
  • A mostly smooth experience for skilled players.


  • Secret power-up a slight hassle to get.
  • Some power-ups are in hazardous locations.
  • Game doesn’t change the formula much (possible con, might not be an issue if you love this type of gameplay).


8.8/10 A Great Retro Platformer

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4 thoughts on “Review: Mega Man X Legacy Collection (Switch)

  1. Would you say this is a good starting point for someone who has never played a Megaman game? I’ve played Mighty Gunvolt Burst which is a spiritual successor and I found it very difficult but was enjoyable.

    Your reviews are very in-depth and I love you broke it down by game rather than overall. How long did it take you to complete all the games in this collection?


    1. I would generally say this game is a good starting point for the Mega Man games, as the first game was my first all those years ago. They aren’t super easy, but no Mega Man game is easy.

      Each game in the collection lasted about 2-5 hours each, though it could take you longer based on how easily you can grasp the difficulty curve. I hope this helps!

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