Review: Mega Man X Legacy Collection (Switch)

Mega Man X3:


Like Mega Man X2, not much was added to the Mega Man X formula. There are a few new types of power-ups (as well as more of them), and you can play as Zero, though the game won’t let you use him in some locations, such as when fighting bosses and sub-bosses.

Most notable about Mega Man X3 is that this game is much harder, possibly the hardest Mega Man game out there. There are two things that make this game difficult enough to hinder the experience:

This is one of two difficult sub-bosses that slows down progress in Mega Man X3. I’m still not sure what causes him to appear.
  1. After defeating 2 bosses, two really difficult sub-bosses might appear on any stage. It feels like you are guaranteed to encounter them both before you get to the final areas of the game, and you have to defeat them to progress.
  2. There is a really cool power-up that you can fail to acquire. The steps you have to take to get it are not obvious, and it is almost mandatory to use it to defeat the final boss. You can still defeat him without it, but it is much harder to do so.

That being said, Mega Man X3 does have the coolest assortment of collectible power-ups, and Mega Man X can become stronger in this game than in any other. Finding most of these power-ups requires fewer awkward jumps than in the previous two games, although the best couple of power-ups have quite a few odd requirements that aren’t obvious while playing the game.

You can play as Zero in Mega Man X3, but this feature is underutilized.

Mega Man X3 is still fun if you are looking for more Mega Man X action. The difficulty spikes throughout the game can dampen the fun, even if you are very familiar with this game or other Mega Man games, so some caution is needed when picking up this game on its own.


  • Like all Mega Man games, try to find the easiest boss to fight first to start the cycle of defeating each boss with their weaknesses.
  • That being said, you need a certain boss weapon by a certain point to get a secret upgrade later in the game. You may have to clear the bosses out of order to do this.
  • Try to get every upgrade, as the final battle is very difficult.
  • Don’t get the secondary armor upgrades, as getting one makes you miss the rest. You can get all four of them at once near the end of the game.
  • Don’t play as Zero for most of the game, so that you don’t lose him (if he loses a life, he is gone for good). You need to use him at a certain point to get the best upgrade.


  • Lots of neat upgrades to find.
  • Good but familiar graphics.
  • Most power-ups are easy to find.
  • Solid music.


  • Game is very difficult (possible con based on difficulty tolerance).
  • To get a particular upgrade, you need to fulfill some complex requirements, and this upgrade makes the finale much easier.
  • This game plays very similarly to other Mega Man X games (possible con, based on if you want a new experience).


8.6/10 A great but difficult game

Some players may like Mega Man X3 more than others based on difficulty tolerance and how much you may like the Mega Man X formula. This game could be a 7.3 to an 8.8 according to these factors.

Go to page 4 for Mega Man X4 and bonus features.

4 thoughts on “Review: Mega Man X Legacy Collection (Switch)

  1. Would you say this is a good starting point for someone who has never played a Megaman game? I’ve played Mighty Gunvolt Burst which is a spiritual successor and I found it very difficult but was enjoyable.

    Your reviews are very in-depth and I love you broke it down by game rather than overall. How long did it take you to complete all the games in this collection?


    1. I would generally say this game is a good starting point for the Mega Man games, as the first game was my first all those years ago. They aren’t super easy, but no Mega Man game is easy.

      Each game in the collection lasted about 2-5 hours each, though it could take you longer based on how easily you can grasp the difficulty curve. I hope this helps!

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