Day 3: The 10 Day Video Game Challenge on Facebook


It is time to cover my Day 3 of the 10 day video game challenge on Facebook. The games chosen are not a top ten of my favorite games, but are my ten most influential games as a gamer. Today’s game is Mega Man X.

This is perhaps the first game that I got good at. Sure, it took me years before I finished it, but it was the first game that taught me to play well without any tutorials. While I had rented the game from my local library (I know, best library ever!), I eventually got this game for Christmas. I had broken my left leg prior to this, and didn’t have much else to do but play games. This game was one of them, and I literally wrote down the passwords to preserve my progress.

I remember fighting the first four bosses using only the X-buster (one of them was Armored Armadillo). I also learned to read enemy attack patterns, and how to dodge and counter attack the bosses when it is safe to do so. Eventually, I started fighting the bosses using the boss weapons they were weak to. Once I got to the final boss, I began to gather the upgrades, though I still couldn’t beat him for some time.

As simple as it is, riding on these car enemies is very satisfying.

What is even more amazing was there were some things in this game you might not discover the first time around. From riding on the car-based enemies in the first stage, to the Hadouken upgrade, to cutting of Flame Mammoth’s trunk with the boomerang cutter, this game is really detailed, especially for its time.

Now, of note, I have a few similar games that I could argue are better than this game:

  • Mega Man X2
  • Mega Man X3

Actually, I used to beat X2 daily, and attempt to finish X3 (the hardest of the series) daily. Both games are worth a look if you like the original Mega Man X game. I am still unsure which of the first three are the best, but Mega Man X was the best at teaching you how to play and play well. I may not have been good at games as early in my life as I was if it weren’t for this game.

That was my recap of day 3 of the 10 day video game challenge. But how about you? Which game would you put on day 3 if you would try the 10 day challenge? Which game taught you how to be good at games? Which Mega Man X game was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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