Day 4: The 10 Day Video Game Challenge on Facebook


Today I will be covering my day 4 of the 10 day video game challenge on Facebook. As a reminder, this isn’t a top ten list, but a list of games that influenced me as a gamer. Today’s game is Kirby Super Star on the SNES.

This was my first Kirby game. I had initially rented it from my local library (the same one I rented Mega Man X from). I eventually found it in the used game section of what I believe was a Gamestop. I managed to play this game in 2-player co-op with a good friend of mine in his basement. This was one of my first experiences with co-op, and one of my more extensive times playing this sort of mode.

I certainly discovered that games are more fun when shared with other players. I even learned that I could learn more about a game from playing with others. Of note, I found out how to defeat the Computer Virus boss by guarding as my friend figured it out before I did. This is still my favorite boss in the Kirby series.

My favorite Kirby boss. Not only did I learn how to guard in this fight, this Boss pokes fun at turn-based RPG’s as well.

Additionally, I even started to identify attack patterns from fighting this game’s final boss countless times. While I no longer remember the specifics, I noticed that he always followed a specific attack with one of two specific other attacks. I no longer had to pay attention to how he telegraphed his actions based on his animations. I could prepare for the next move based on his previous move. Interestingly, this is one of the few foes I managed to do this with.

While I got hooked on the Kirby series thanks to this game, I was disappointed to find out that the copy powers in most other games only had one attack per power, instead of each power having extra attacks based on button inputs. It should be noted that I eventually learned the move lists, and finished the Arena mode with every power, and no power at all.

Here are some other noteworthy Kirby games, in my opinion:

  • Kirby’s Adventure (and it’s remake Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland)
  • Kirby’s Dreamland 3
  • Kirby Super Star Ultra (remake of today’s game)
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot

These are all good games for different reasons. Kirby’s Adventure was a smooth gaming experience with a lot of copy powers in it. Dreamland 3 had a fair amount of replay value. Super Star Ultra was a bigger game than the original, but the 2-player mode was somewhat awkward, yet still present. Epic Yarn was more like the original Kirby’s Dreamland, but with more gameplay and took full advantage of its unique art style. Planet Robobot may be the best Kirby game to date, and it features most of the game-play features of Super Star.

All in all, Kirby Super Star was an amazing game, both game-play and graphics wise, and is worth a look if you want to play a good but easy game. I guess that is another lesson here, a game doesn’t need to be hard to be fun.

And that is the recap of my day 4 of the 10 day video game challenge on Facebook. What game would you place in day 4 if you took the challenge? What game was your first co-op experience? What game taught you that games are more fun with others? Let me know in the comments below!

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