Game Story Case Studies, Episode 17: Puyo Puyo Tetris (Part 17)


It is that time again to look at Puyo Puyo Tetris’s story mode. This episode starts where the last one ended, so there is nothing to be missed here. That being said, some episodes will skip some less relevant scenes, or those that don’t stand out. So, let’s get started.

Act 4, Scene 6:

Recap: In the previous scene, Arle and Schezo manage to break Rulue free of whatever was controlling her. Schezo was asked to look after Rulue, which gives us this scene.


So we have Rulue obsessing over the Dark Prince at the beginning of this scene. Schezo, obviously, isn’t interested. The viewer shouldn’t be either, but here we are anyway.


Please, no, don’t!

This scene could be pretty boring or annoying at this rate, but then something interesting happens.

Wait, who is this?


So this character only speaks its name? Also, who are you!?



So we are introduced to two new characters, who only show up at this point in the entire story, just to show that Schezo has an affinity with them…any newcomer to the Puyo Puyo series (myself included) would have no idea who they are, or what their relevance in this story is. In fact, they seem to be here only to move this scene forward. Not what I would call good writing.


So those random creatures are Schezo’s friends? I also have to wonder why Schezo has to put up with Rulue’s lovesick ramblings, she’s not possessed, or controlled, or whatever, so she doesn’t need any babysitting. Let’s just file this under yet another portion of the story that doesn’t make sense.


My point exactly.



And believe it or not, the game jumps to gameplay, and ends after the battle here. This is a very abrupt end to an unnecessary scene. They could have skipped this scene, and the story would be the same. I don’t know why they introduced the characters Donguri Gaeru and Onion pixie other than to move the scene forward. I am showing this scene to reveal a poor way to add fluff to a story.

The next episode will move the story forward more, and will continue immediately after this scene ends. Look forward to when it is ready in the near future.

And that was episode 17 of Puyo Puyo Tetris’s story analysis. What did you make of this scene? Do you know what relevance Donguri Gaeru and Onion Pixie have in the Puyo Puyo series? Was there a redeeming feature of this scene that I missed? Or is there another bad quality I failed to highlight here? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this analysis, then click that like button and share on social media. To keep up with That’s All Games, you can subscribe via email or through WordPress. Until next time, have fun gaming!


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